Thursday, December 2, 2010

sweet love of mine

hey,today its my 4th anniversary with my loving hubby

B,thanx 4 everything that u did to me..
i really appreciate it..
ur patience,ur luv n everything
syg sygkan b..
Her dreams shatter me with alot of love and hope.
Her eyes drown me into a wave of desires.
Every moment i feel is when i am with you beside me.
Your kisses take my breath away and add yours into mine.
Every site of you is undeniable, nothing but your love.
I closed my door wishing everything would come back to me
All the memories
All the moments
All the tears
All the joy
And all the love
But the clock keeps stuck on thoughts of you and me
Nothing more can dwell right into me.
But baby if you were here right now i swear i'd tell u this:
Baby i love you forever and who you are
I miss you much
Every tear i drop is how much i love you
And that baby our Love Will Never End

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